About Me

It all started when I decided to return to my village and start a tour business.

My name is Hamid and I come from a small village called Dashtekhak, near Zarand in Kerman Province, Iran.

I am 31 years old and studied Arabic and English in Yazd. After my studies and working as a tour guide in Yazd for 10 years, I decided to give tourists an authentic experience of life in a small village, away from the city. For me, it is important to show tourists the culture of how Iranians live amongst nature.

I live with my wife , my 8 year-old son and 2 year-old daughter . We live in a big, old Iranian house with a garden and a direct water supply from the mountains. In contrast to the big cities of Iran, the weather here is mild and fresh, with a beautiful view of the night sky full of stars.

In the area surrounding the village are deserts, mountain ranges, which are great for hiking and climbing, with breath-taking sunset views, old castles, small abandoned villages, baths, farms and mosques.

For me, introducing people from all over the world to this way of living is what motivates me. I love meeting others and learning about their cultures, while sharing my own. Not only this, but bringing tourists to my village also helps the local farmers, bakers, etc.