Baking traditional bread

Bread from the oven (“tanor”)

In every village and within every family they follow various traditions, one of them is making bread in a traditional “tanor”. The mouthwatering recipe they use to make bread has been in the family for so long that they can’t even remember when and how it becameĀ  the recipe they use nowadays. You will definitely make yourself helpful while baking bread and the reward is extremely delicious!

In the morning we start by preparing the dough by ourselves. Later we knead it and form it into the shape. After this we start the fire in the tanor and put our dough into the traditional oven, where we bake it. And afterwards you can of course taste your own, handmade bread. I bet, it will be delicious!

First we make the dough:

Then put it in the right shape:

Afterwards put it in the oven:

And… there it is!