Hiking and mountain climbing

A refreshing wind is blowing and no honking cars in the background. A day of hiking is a great contrast to the standard sightseeing in the busy and noisy Iranian cities. To feel, hear and be in the silence surrounded by the stunning nature is a great und unforgettable experience.

The hiking trips will take you to the mountains near our village. On the way to the start of the trial, there are options to enjoy the scenic views and to visit an ancient village which dates back to 500 years ago.

From our starting points we have two options:

  • The first trail takes about 4 hours, starting after breakfast and coming back home for lunch.

  • The other one is a full-day hike. There we will make a fire to prepare our own lunch in the nature.

The destination of your hiking tour is up to you. We will follow the easy paths and make it a relaxing stroll while admiring the views and the villages in the distance. Or we challenge ourselves to reach the highest point of the mountain range (almost 3000 meters) where we will see a beautiful wide view of the area and enjoy it with a cup of tea on the fire made by me.

What you need for this tour is :

  •  A bottle of water

  • Warm clothes in winter time

  • Sun glasses & sun protection

Here are some pictures of the mountains and countryside we can see on our trip:

An old village:

Lunch prepared on fire:

Some pictures from the hiking and walking tours: