The Kaluts or Yardangs are known as an unbeatable Natural Phenomenon of the Lut Desert. In fact, the Shahdad region, where holds the stunning and beautiful Kaluts, is the only Iran UNESCO natural world heritage site. Kaluts are bedrock features carved and streamlined by the dual action of wind abrasion of dust and sand, and the deflation which is the removal of loose material by wind turbulence. The most important wind that eliminates the walls of the Kaluts is, the 120-day Wind of Sistan. The Kaluts region is located 43 km from Shahdad and has an average width of 80 km and an average length of 145 km. It’s interesting to know that the Kaluts region is known as a world’s largest cloddish town due to the appearance of the region. This landscape is titled as the imaginary city due to the shape of its Kaluts.