Keshit waterfall and village

Lut desert with its unique and natural attractions is a mysterious world. Keshit Waterfall in Kerman is one of the special attractions in Lut desert, 40 km far from the town of Golbaf, in a village called Keshit, a green oasis surrounds you by its beautiful waterfalls and rivers

. This is the Lut Desert and it is unbelievable to see such a green valley full of palm trees and citrus trees.

The beautiful Keshit Waterfall in Kerman, located in the west of the village is a less well-known attraction. The 12 meters high Keshit Waterfall falls through the rocks and makes a deep pond. The pool that the locals call it the sea and the children swim in it in summer, fall and spring to throw off the heat of the desert. Keshit Waterfall’s pond is about 600 square meters. The river flows from the small and large waterfalls to the heart of desert. Another sight of the village can be called Castle of Keshit. On a trip to Kerman, you can see a lot of natural sceneries that you cannot expect from a hot desert.