sand dunes deserts

Yazd is one driest Iranian city and also the hottest city in the north of the Persian Gulf. It is located between two major deserts: the northern Dasht-e Kavir and the southern Dasht-e Lut. The vast deserts and sand hills of Yazd attract many people who are seeking relaxation and pure nature; but at the same time those who are looking for a high grade of excitement to feed their adventurous souls.

Yazd desert

Giant golden sand dunes of Rig-e ZarinFahraj Desert and Bafgh Desert are the main deserts around Yazd. The sand dunes encourage every traveler to take an adventure in the completely different landscape of the deserts. As the sand sea, and the intense sunlight reflecting off the sand, tricks the eyes into seeing a mirage, visitors can roll down the dunes, enjoy dune bushing, and camel riding. They can also enjoy sandboarding, off-road driving, and paragliding.

Bafgh desert

After the marvelous sunset silence dominates the desert at night. That’s when visitors can take the opportunity of enjoying a peaceful atmosphere with the starry night sky. The clear desert’s sky is one of the desert’s attraction. There are caravanserais located at the heart of Iranian deserts. They offer overnight stays in the desert and serve traditional and local foods. Visitors can sit by the crackling fire, have tea boiled on fire and enjoy looking at the stars. Those who are interested in astrology can take the opportunity to take photos of the starts in the clear sky of the desert. They can capture all the beauties of the night sky in a panorama frame.